We're on a break...

So here’s something funny, I’ve kind of gone off online shopping...

Not a life changing event or a particularly negative one, but anyone close to me (mainly my boyfriend, and the staff at my local parcel pickup point) will know that my habit for clicking home most of the pieces in my wardrobe has been longstanding .

Convenience? Probably. A wider selection? Definitely. Laziness? Hm, yeah… changing room queues, the thronging crowds on a Saturday afternoon. No thanks!

The truth of the matter is that throughout my working life I’ve been sat in front of computer screens a lot. As most people are. An image (in the best of circumstances combined with a video) says a thousand words. A lot of my work has been spent online, searching for the best way to shop the seasonal trends, best classic buys for your everyday wardrobe.. you get the drift.

So the convenience combined with my line of work, my fashion addiction and desire for constant sartorial updates means I’ve seldom seen the inside of a shop the last 5 years. Something my teenage self would never have believed. I’ve probably spent more time in PR showrooms than shops. There, buying isn't an option.

Today, however, my love affair with online shopping is on the fritz. If we were talking old school Facebook jargon I would define it as “it’s complicated”. Sure, over Christmas and birthdays it has still been my go to, but almost like a booty call, I log on for a determined, singleminded reason. Get the deal done and I’m off. No cuddling and no extra browsing just to see what else it might lead to.

It would be easy to explain this as cause and effect of going freelance six months ago. No longer is there that security of knowing that whatever I buy this month, a new determined sum if money will be deposited in my account on the same date each month bringing things back around to  the original financial status quo.

I have to admit, however, this lacklustre feeling when browsing online started much earlier. I just don’t get that “have to have it” feeling when looking at an image online, no matter how inspiring or beguiling it is. More than anything it makes me want to find it in store. To feel the fabric, try it on for size, make sure we connect in real life. I’ve never online dated, but I feel like there’s a comparison to be made, online only isn’t enough. You need to meet face to face before knowing if this is the real deal. The joy of stumbling across that perfect pair of kitten heel boots or a new up and coming brand is just so much more tangible when it happens offline.

Is this just me? Or are we collectively getting to the point where lives are becoming too virtual? So few things seem to be experienced in “the real world” anymore. Maybe this is my subconscious lashing out agains the digitalisation of life. I crave something real, something tangible, something inspiring. I want to see the seams, touch the fabric, experience how a piece inevitably slouches off the hanger shapelessly in a way that makes it impossible to tell what goes where. And then you try it on and it’s amazing. Or terrible. Either way, it’s a real experience. I cherish being able to go home with a bag of fresh new fashion finds ready to be unwrapped asap. That beats frantically looking for your debit card before the online payment page times, out any day of the week.