Everyday Skincare Routine

I've said it before, I'm no monogamist when it comes to skincare. I will buy the same thing twice if I like it, but if someone gives me something new to try and it works then I'm definitely going to move on to that. I guess I haven't come across that one life changing lotion or potion yet.

My current routine is beautifully colour coordinated (not on purpose, promise). And consist of a cleansing micellar water from organic Latvian brand Madara, a toner from the same brand, drops of youth from The Body Shop (because lets face it, no one's getting any younger) and a day creme from Aesop. Which controversially I like, but I don't love. It smells amazing, but I don't feel like its effect on my skin warrants a repurchase. So any tips on a great face cream? Throw them my way!