New Beginnings

Can you believe it's March already? I can't and neither can the weather apparently, I'm still layering like spring will never come. The 1st of March completely snuck up on me, I suddenly realised this year is already running away with me. It's been a good start so far though, with some really fun work projects. 6 months of freelancing have flown by and I'm loving it! 

Whilst on the topic of work I'm just going to inject some shameless self promotion (#sorrynotsorry), to go check out my latest pieces for Swedish online publication Rodeo. If this would have been a text or Facebook post I'd have inserted a cheeky winking emoji here, alas it's not, so you'll just have to take my word for it that this said in the most casual of tones and not a hard sell. 

In the midst of styling and writing I've made myself a resolution to update this blog more frequently. Sure, I might not have gotten right to it at the beginning of the year like I planned to, like i mentioned, in my my mind it's still January. But, from now on, I promise you several updates a week starting today. Welcome, and I hope you'll enjoy!