Style Throwback: Double Denim

Rocking double denim ca 1993

Rocking double denim ca 1993

I must admit I've always been incredibly determined abut what I want to and don't want to wear. Professionally, as a stylist, this this sartorial determinism is a positiv quality. As a small child I'm sure it came across to my parents as stubborn and difficult. Sorry.

An interest (actually let's call it obsession) with clothes and a strong opinion of how I wanted to look doesn't mean a foolproof success rate. I'd probably have to argue the latter. Did anyone really succeed sartorially as a teen? But experimenting was fun, right? Looking back I have a catalogue of vivid memories of specific outfits, favourite pieces of clothing that have really shaped my nostalgia and childhood memories. Even now I can often remember events based on what I wore. It's a very specific superpower that I'm yet to figure out a use for.

I recently found a stack of old photo albums tucked away in my dad's storage and looking through them made me realise how much my childhood style might have influenced the way I think about clothes and dressing today. So, I thought I'd invite you along on a journey, picking out some of my strongest fashion memories from way back when. Some will be cute, some will be cringe, but starting out let's definitely focus on cute. Here I am rocking double denim in the early to mid 90s paired with some fluffy slippers. No hint of Britney and Justin and a look that feels quite relevant again in 2017.