A More Sustainable Choice

These three travel sized 100ml bottles combined contain 120 showers worth of product. Too good to be true? That was my initial reaction to hearing about it. I know myself as an over-user of products like shower gel and shampoo, I just like it better when it lathers up properly. I gave it a go however, only giving the bottle a light squeeze to apply the recommended hazelnut sized dollop, and actually, it is enough. No, it doesn't really lather up like I'd like it to, but when in contact with water the shower gel expands and it easily covers my whole body. The benefits are environmental, the bottle is first of all made out of recycled plastic and obviously a smaller vessel containing the same amount of product needed for a 400 ml bottle means less plastic is needed to create the packaging. And while Trump might not believe in climate change, I do, and all the little things I can do to make more sustainable and environmentally friendly choices are great in my mind.