Golden Glove Shoes

topshop gold shoes
Don't those look a bit like... they do... are they? Topshop have only gone and done a pretty good lookalike of last year's Céline shoe hype. The glove shoe madness hasn't left us yet and these have gone straight on to my realistic and affordable wish list. Unlike the Céline version that stayed firmly on the "if I win the lottery" list. We all know I love a touch of gold...


Polo Neck Obsession

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One of my biggest obsessions this season (and yes I will go as far as to say it's an obsession) are polo neck tops. Chunky, slim, and in any color. The versatility is endless and as a layering piece it couldn't be better. Sweaters will be getting a lot of company from thin polo necks and for nigh time a strappy top or dress get a stylish upgrade layered over the top. 

Zara polo neck top  //  Topshop sweater  //  MiH jeans  //  Guess boots

Style Challenge

Beatrice Trodden

I recently wrote a piece for The You Way that was a bit different than what I usually do – and I had such a blast doing it! The challenge was to wear this Jawbone activity bracelet for a week and see how well it fits in with different types of looks and accessories. If you know Swedish (or feel like letting Google translate do it's dubious job of converting it to your language) you can read the piece here. 

Really it was quite an interesting task. I went from sceptical but hooked on the data, to feeling it didn't compromise my idea of a look and then right back to being sceptical again. It was quite the confusing week! In the end I settled on the plain fact that it works in some situations and in others not - I guess in some situation compromising you outfit is worth it. Or take my route and go for extra long sleeves - this will have the bonus effect of adding extra trend point to your look. Win win!

Apart from the sartorial challenge I did actually become a little bit hooked on reading the data the Jawbone bracelet collected and finding out about my sleep pattern (if you were wondering... it's crap apparently), pulse and how many steps I take each day. Considering most days are spent in front of the computer I think the results could have been a lot worse. 

Zara skirt  //  Topshop sweater  //  Zara polo  
//  Aurelie Bidermann earrings  //  Jawbone activity bracelet

Turtlenecks with... Everything!

beatrice trodden
Beatrice Trodden
Beatrice Trodden

Flashback to Monday morning, when after working until 4am the night before (The Oscars, I blame you), getting out of bed was less than easy. So opting for a quick and easy outfit my current staple look was a go - a turtleneck with just about everything. On it's own, under shirts and sweaters, you tell me a way it can be worn and I will wear it. Actually, I'm off to experiment with wearing it as a scarf.

Turtleneck top from Åhlens  //  Sweater from Topshop  //  Skirt from Next 
//  Shoes from River Island

Faux Fur Dreams

black faux fur coats
Dreaming of all things soft and fluffy, to wrap up in in the winter and provide some texture to my outfits. 

img source: Pinterest