Baby Blues

Sure, pink might be the colour of the season (and surprisingly the one on my mind). However, a bit of blue never hurt anyone and even though I'm not really the pastel shades kind of gal I do have a soft spot for these pale baby blues.

Stella McCartney bag  //  Asos faux fur

Socks + Pumps

grey ribbed socks with Rizzo pumps

Best winter combo? Socks in pumps! Yes, forget about the (quite frankly cringe worthy) image of dads with white sport socks pulled up to their knees in sandals on holiday... This is a winning combo. Just wait until new years when I pull out my silver sparkly par. No joke.

Rizzo pumps  //  Asos socks  //  MiH jeans

Dressing for Summer in Barcelona

beatrice trodden - asos pleated skirt, zara black blazer, adidas stan smith sneakers, stella mccartney bag
outfit details from barcelona - stella mccartney bag

Last week I took a few days holiday and went to one of my favourite cities, Barcelona. Since the warmth and sun are long gone here in Stockholm it was great to have a little flashback to the summer weather and to get to slip in to my summer pieces without the layers of knits on top. Although call me crazy, I actually started to long for my winter wardrobe jumpers and coats. The grass is always greener and so on...

Asos pleated skirt //  Zara blazer  // Adidas Stan Smith sneakers  //  
J.W Anderson t-shirt  //  Stella McCartney bag

Tights Weather

Tights weather has returned! Although I might try to squeeze some bare leg out of this season too if we get a nice day. The A-line button down? That will stay a favourite for a while longer.

Zara skirt  //  Pop Boutique bomber jacket  //  Gap t-shirt  //  Marc by Marc Jacobs Bag

Devil's in the Detail

lace up sandals with tassles

The devil's in the detail – and it's true, the tassle details really make these sandals. The pain in my toes don't. But whoever said shoes where made to be comfortable?

Sandals from Asos