Summer Scent

byredo gypsy water perfume

The scent of my summer – Byredo's Gypsy Water. It's an oldie but a goodie. It's been a favourite for a few years and the crisp, fresh scent is just what I want to smell like in the summer. 



Finally got my hands on some Glossier! I've been wanting to try the brand for a long time but they don't ship to Europe. However, as I write this they have just announce Glossier are coming to the UK later this year. But when we where in Ne York a few weeks ago I visited the penthouse showroom where I picked up the Priming Moisturizer, the Invisible Shield SPF and one of the Haloscope highlighter sticks. The SPF is honestly the best face sunscreen I've ever tried! I'm constantly on the lookout for ones you can wear under makeup, that aren't too rich and don't make me break out. It's harder to find than it should be, but the Glossier SPF is a godsend. The formula is clear and soaks in very quickly so doesn't leave my face greasy or white and I could apply makeup without having to wait ages for it to absorb.

I'm enjoying using the moisturiser as well, I wouldn't say it's anything particularly special, but a great basic everyday option. The Haloscope highlighter however, is yet to convince me. I just don't think I like the texture of the stick formula, I much prefer liquid highlighters as they blend better. But I'll keep trying it, fingers crossed I get the hang of it after a few more tries. 


A More Sustainable Choice

These three travel sized 100ml bottles combined contain 120 showers worth of product. Too good to be true? That was my initial reaction to hearing about it. I know myself as an over-user of products like shower gel and shampoo, I just like it better when it lathers up properly. I gave it a go however, only giving the bottle a light squeeze to apply the recommended hazelnut sized dollop, and actually, it is enough. No, it doesn't really lather up like I'd like it to, but when in contact with water the shower gel expands and it easily covers my whole body. The benefits are environmental, the bottle is first of all made out of recycled plastic and obviously a smaller vessel containing the same amount of product needed for a 400 ml bottle means less plastic is needed to create the packaging. And while Trump might not believe in climate change, I do, and all the little things I can do to make more sustainable and environmentally friendly choices are great in my mind. 


Miracle Cream

One cream to rule them all.... a dab of this bathroom shelf staple clears up any blemish or redness over night. It's a real miracle worker, and super cheap! I always stock up when I go back to the UK, but I've heard rumours you might be able to pick it up in a Polish supermarket off Drottninggatan in Stockholm. 


Everyday Skincare Routine

I've said it before, I'm no monogamist when it comes to skincare. I will buy the same thing twice if I like it, but if someone gives me something new to try and it works then I'm definitely going to move on to that. I guess I haven't come across that one life changing lotion or potion yet.

My current routine is beautifully colour coordinated (not on purpose, promise). And consist of a cleansing micellar water from organic Latvian brand Madara, a toner from the same brand, drops of youth from The Body Shop (because lets face it, no one's getting any younger) and a day creme from Aesop. Which controversially I like, but I don't love. It smells amazing, but I don't feel like its effect on my skin warrants a repurchase. So any tips on a great face cream? Throw them my way!