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Pretty vs Ugly

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Pink 'aint my thing as you may know. Believe me, I wish it was. I love a dollop of pink, or even a big sloshing bowl full of it as fashion has dictated the last few seasons. I just struggle to feel at home in the colour. Therefore the dustiest of pink tops have to go hand in hand with the shoe everyone loves to hate and hates to love. But we do nonetheless, and like yin and yang the pretty and the ugly balance each other just perfectly. 

In other updates. First week at work accomplished and the weekend was spent nursing the cold that hit just as I left the office on Friday afternoon. Typical! But at least it was a good excuse to spend the weekend taking it easy in my pj's, reading magazines and plotting next weeks outfits (still no decisions though). It's Stockholm Fashion Week, and I sure have a lot of things to cover during the hectic three days... I'll see you on the other side!

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