Postcard from New York

Radio silence on the blog... yes, I took a few weeks off to go on a trip of a lifetime, visiting New York, Boston, Los Angeles and San Fransisco. The title of the post gives it away, but the first stop was New York, where we spent a week. We lucked out and found a great Airbnb in Bushwick in Brooklyn. Thankfully we had both air con and a balcony as there was a huge heatwave while we where there. Yes, I hate heat and humidity, but I think I dealt with it well. If you don't mention the heat rash I developed all over my face...

But all in all the whole week was amazing. I love New York and it was great getting to spend more than a couple of days at a time there to really explore Manhattan as well as Brooklyn. If yo want some more details of my favourite places check out my travel guide on Rodeo HERE. (In Swedish)