Sneakerhead Strikes Again


Updating my sneaker wardrobe for fall I'm looking towards comfortable athletic styles. The shades of grey will be jazzed up with colourful socks (of course!) and worn to death like other sneakers that enter my daily fashion routine. 

New Balance sneakers found here



Updated my summer wardrobe with a pair of high cut ballet flats from Flattered. White is the perfect alternative to classic black for a lighter, fresh eye-catching look.  


Klick your heels...

Combating the Swedish never ending winter blues with a pop of bright fuchsia. To be paired with denim all through spring, and for an extra daring touch, with something vividly red. 

*Pink satin slipper from Zara


Rizzo Shoes SS16

rizzo shoes spring and summer 2016 collectio

Yesterday kicked off in a way I wish all days did. With breakfast and shoes. Shoes of course being just as important as food in my life. Don't judge my priorities. Rizzo showed their Spring/Summer 2016 collection and there are some really great classics but still with a contemporary feel. My favourites? The beige, round toes block heels and the pointy high heeled pumps. Although I wouldn't say no to some statement red plaited goodness either... 


Golden Glove Shoes

topshop gold shoes
Don't those look a bit like... they do... are they? Topshop have only gone and done a pretty good lookalike of last year's Céline shoe hype. The glove shoe madness hasn't left us yet and these have gone straight on to my realistic and affordable wish list. Unlike the Céline version that stayed firmly on the "if I win the lottery" list. We all know I love a touch of gold...