Rizzo Shoes SS16

rizzo shoes spring and summer 2016 collectio

Yesterday kicked off in a way I wish all days did. With breakfast and shoes. Shoes of course being just as important as food in my life. Don't judge my priorities. Rizzo showed their Spring/Summer 2016 collection and there are some really great classics but still with a contemporary feel. My favourites? The beige, round toes block heels and the pointy high heeled pumps. Although I wouldn't say no to some statement red plaited goodness either... 


Fishnet Fiend

fishnet socks in pumps

Somewhat surprising, but I trust the instincts of Maison Margiela and Simone Rocha who are both responsible for bringing back the fishnets in to our fashion conscious. It was quick – spotted and hooked! Although I'm not sure I'm ready for the full on fishnet tights look, a pair of the netted accessories will be a constant companion in pumps, loafers and maybe the odd sneaker. A glimpse of an ankle is so much cooler if it's seen through some netting this Spring!

Fishnet ankle socks from Asos 


Golden Glove Shoes

topshop gold shoes
Don't those look a bit like... they do... are they? Topshop have only gone and done a pretty good lookalike of last year's Céline shoe hype. The glove shoe madness hasn't left us yet and these have gone straight on to my realistic and affordable wish list. Unlike the Céline version that stayed firmly on the "if I win the lottery" list. We all know I love a touch of gold...


Knotted Details

ss16 trend knotted belts

Wether it's by tying a belt or finding a garment with perfect attention to detail, one of this season's must try detail is undoubtedly tying a knot. Lengths of minimalistic fabric or a leather belt twisted and tied... it doesn't really matter, but knots are on my mind!

Take Three

Jacquemus dress, Weejuns loafers and Acne Studios bag

1. It's time to invest in a new pair of loafers, it's a wardrobe staple I can't live without. These Weejuns pair have my name written all over them. 

2. This season's it-dress can't have slipped by anyone (pun intended... sorry!). Jacquemus gives it an avant garde but wearable twist.

3. Acne Studios have launched a bag collection. Does it really need further explanation? I think not. I'm saving all my pennies for this one.