Postcard from New York

Radio silence on the blog... yes, I took a few weeks off to go on a trip of a lifetime, visiting New York, Boston, Los Angeles and San Fransisco. The title of the post gives it away, but the first stop was New York, where we spent a week. We lucked out and found a great Airbnb in Bushwick in Brooklyn. Thankfully we had both air con and a balcony as there was a huge heatwave while we where there. Yes, I hate heat and humidity, but I think I dealt with it well. If you don't mention the heat rash I developed all over my face...

But all in all the whole week was amazing. I love New York and it was great getting to spend more than a couple of days at a time there to really explore Manhattan as well as Brooklyn. If yo want some more details of my favourite places check out my travel guide on Rodeo HERE. (In Swedish)


Travel Diary – Croatia

Beatrice Trodden travelsupetar croatiaBeatrice Trodden
flowers in supetar
flowers on motorbike

One of my highlights of the summer definitely has to be the week I spent in Croatia. We stayed on the island of Brac in a small town called Supetar. It was quite a sleepy little place and we came before the hight of the season so it wasn't ram packed with tourists... just the way I like it! The centre of the town was car-free and the streets wound up and around away from the harbour. We had lots of long lunches, walked it off by wandering the streets and then went back to a busy schedule of reading by the pool. A perfect break away from what has been a pretty hectic year. Would I visit again? Definitely!

Denim shorts - Mango  //  T-shirt - MiH  //  Sandals - &Other Stories  //  Bag - Marc by Marc Jacobs

New York, New York

new york fashion week

4 more sleeps and then I'm off to New York for fashion week! It was a bit of a last minute decision, but I'm beyond excited. It's been almost 10 years since I last visited the city, so a trip there has been long overdue.